Wednesday, February 2, 2011

creepers and pervs: some things i am some im not

recently i've had some false accusations on me about me being a pervert? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! ME? A PERV? i would never do such a thing to an innocent girl. i'm just a guy that doesnt like those kinda things i would never creep on a girl who shows half her boobs and grabs em or like maybe a girl who shakes her junk all around i would definetly never look at that! i'm not gay either ok! just i hav some friends who think im a perv and need to stop! ray shay that means both of you! you both creep on guys alll the time! yes guys these to girls are total creepers who choose to look at attractive guys walls just to screw with you! they are weirdos who choose to stalk and stalk... oh and lets not forget stalking! they just cant help it they creep its who they are but they hav no right to accuse me of this gosh! haha u guys r so weird but i love ya guys!! just stop calling me a perv and stop creeping thank you your awsome friend ZPRODIGY32

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