Sunday, January 9, 2011

PROCRASTINATION- thats why its been a while

Hey to all my viewers i'm really sorry about how long this has taken me to put up a new post. But with all thats been happening i just couldn't find the time..... Who the fuck am i kidding ive been procrastinating XD thats right everyone procrastination is a beautiful thing. everyone procrastinates. hmmm maybe i should do my homework..... OMG LOOK THERES A SQUIRREL CLIMBING THE TREE OUTSIDE!!! im going to sit here and watch if for 45 goddam minutes! by then i couldve been done with my homework but the squirrel was alot funner. We all procrastinate in different ways. like some people are the potheads who decide i'm going to blow schoolwork off to smoke a ton of marijuana! Yah great idea buddy now you can hallucinate ur riding a magical unicorn turtle on the ice cream valley river while a bunch of guys dressed as hot dogs run around you chanting random mumbo jumbo! this all will be happening in the middle of the street and then.... you'll get hit by a car. Oh the beauties of procrastination. others just sleep or play video games maybe sing or dance. those are the normal people who will actually have pretty good lives. The hobo's you see now are the guys that were either potcrastinators or the people who never procrastinated then overworked themselves so they snapped couldnt go on and dropped out. Yes to all you super brains you have to procrastinate or you will hurt yourself! you will crack like a little egg and all that yolk (which is your brain) will come pouring out. Scary thought... yes. even if its just goin to the crapper and playin a game on your itouch in there you always need down time!. Procrastination can help you its a great thing. then when your grades start to fail you have to stop for like a week. Then you can get back on the procrastination schdule you love so much. So all of you i hope you all procrastinate and i hope reading this post will make you all procrastinate too! signing off for now. I need to go stare at that squirrel more! XD HAPPY PROCRASTINATION!!!